There is a 6×12 meters swimming-pool 100 meters from the farmhouse which is for shared use.

The house is also strategically positioned for visits to places of cultural interest.

La Verna, with its monastery and natural spring waters, Poppi with its castle Vallombrosa, Camaldoli monastery, Stia, famous for the yearly Blacksmiths Fair and Exhibition and the typical “Casentino” fabric, the National Park of Casentino Forests, over 36.000 hectares, it is famous for stretches of woods dominated by silver firs, beeches and monumental chestnut groves. It is also possible to have a one day tour to Florence (70kms), Arezzo (25 kms), Siena (80 kms), Perugia (100 kms), Roma (150 kms).


A whole series of excursions in valleys, along mountain ridges and in century-old woods.

The chance of losing yourself amongst the greenery and in a landscape lit up in spring by its flowering meadows and in autumn by the magnificence of its huge beech-woods.

On following tourist itineraries in Casentino you will find that it is shrouded in mystery and your trip will turn into a human, cultural and naturalistic adventure.


Tripoli Lake – the Angler’s Park, is situated at few kilometres from the built-up area of Bibbiena, along the road which leads to La Verna Sanctuary.

The lake is rich in ichthyic fauna (trouts, sturgeons, carps, tenches, eels, royal perch, basses, etcetera).

It is set inside a pinewood, with a refreshment-room: it is the ideal place for picnic and for relaxation.

In summer you can try night fishing and no-kill fishing. It is possible to enter through daily permits.

Trout fishing. There’s also a little lake for children.


The Casentino Golf Club is located on a panoramic and beautiful hill at about 500 a.s.l.

From this point one can take in the entire Casentino Valley, the first valley of the Arno River, the green heart of Tuscany and the home of the splendid National park of Casentino Forests.

The nine-hole golf course spreads out in front of the terrace of the Club House which is located on the top of a hill surrounded by oak forests.

This is an ideal location for those who would like to test their technical skills on the green.

The Driving Range has 7 covered and seven uncovered tees.

There is a Gold Instructor available for those who are interested in learning new techniques.

The Club also has a putting green, a pitching green, and a practice bunker.

The antique farmhouse, which serves as a Club House, has been carefully restored.

It boasts of large lobby, a room with a fireplace, a reading room, a restaurant and a snack bar; it is an ideal place where one can relax and talk.

The Club is open all year long and is closed on Tuesday (open if it is holiday ).


The ‘Palatennis’ is situated in Castellare, the polyfunctional centre of Bibbiena.

It consists of 2 synthetic lit tennis courts and 500 seats grandstand.

Together with them, there are 4 red lit outer tennis courts.

The modern structure, situated in an important area from an environmental point of view and noiseless, is provided with male and female changing rooms, bar, living room and etc., and it situated near the municipal swimming polls ( 1 indoor and 1 outdoor).


The typical dishes of Casentino cuisine are the centuries-old scottiglia, consisting of small pieces of cooked meat, gently heated for hours and served on slices of toasted bread, acquacotta, originally a frugal dish reminiscent of transhumances and charcoal kilns.

Tortello di patate (a typical kind of ravioli with potato filling) of the Upper Casentino valley.

Ttortello di ricotta (tortello with ricotta-cheese filling), soups and meat dishes according to traditional mountain recipes.

The production of cheese, (cheese factory of Talla), of typical local ham (made by the ancient race called Grey Pork of Casentino) as well as the production of honey in the upper Casentino valley and the Red Potato of Cetica, are particularly important and valued.