Get the Autostrada del Sole (A1), up to Arezzo At the Arezzo exit follow indications for Arezzo up to the rotary that leads around Arezzo (8.3 kms).

You will reach a stoplight, drive through under the bridge and than turn left in direction of Bibbiena Follow the direction Bibbiena or Casentino, you will find 2 roundabouts ,Drive through, at the 3rd roundabout turn left in direction of Bibbiena into the SS71 Continue on SS71 until the town of Rassina (23.6 kms).

On reaching Rassina, turn left in direction of Talla After 100 metres you will drive over a bridge on the Arno river.

Past the bridge turn left in direction of Talla After 1,100 kms you will find the sign to Ornina on the right, follow that indication, then, after 0,700 kms you will find Ornina signed to the left Follow the road through the woods for 3,100 kms (you will find other roads, keep the left).

You will finally get to an intersection with a sign of Campaccio to the right, You have to TURN LEFT; after about 20 mt you will find another intersection with a sign that indicates Ornina on your left but you have to STRAIGHT ON.

CURIOSITY: Ornina is divided in Ornina Bassa (low Ornina) and Ornina Alta (high Ornina) the farmhouse is located between them.

After 500 metres here you are at Casa Giannino on number 121.

The house has red shutters, the entrance is between two stone pillars in the middle of a curve.

GPS: N 43° 37’ 52’’ E 11° 48’ 20’’

Agriturimo Casa Giannino

Agriturismo Casa Giannino

C/O Azienda Agricola Ornina
Strada per Ornina, 121
52016 Castel Focognano, Arezzo

Claudia Biagioli

Farmhouse booking, farm visits and wine tastings
mobile +39 393/9410053
tel/fax +39 055/632070