Ornina is much more
than just a winery, it is home...

not only to us! Next to the winery is the family's summer house, where our farmer once lived. The Borgo Ornina farmhouse, overlooking the majestic old vineyard, includes two independent apartments, from which you can breathe uncontaminated air from the countryside and experience the rhythms of nature in its lightness and harmony. Sipping a glass of red wine while looking at the vineyard from which this nectar comes is not a dream, it is the simplest thing you can do. We take care of the farmhouse as if it were one of our own vineyards, so it will not be difficult to feel at home.

The property offers parking, Wi-Fi and the use of the pool with beach chairs and gazebos We will make your stay more enjoyable by offering you a visit to the winery with a tasting of our wines. We also cultivate a biodynamic vegetable garden with salad, peppers, zucchini, tomatoes and aromatic herbs, whose harvest we will be happy to share with you.